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innisfree Retinol Cica Repair Ampoule 30ml



Highly effective moisture ampoule containing Retinol and Cica(centella asiatica-derived ingredient) substances that helps to reduce from the beginning of trouble*(dead skin cells, visible pores) to look of blemish caused by external factors.

1.Ampoule containing pure retinol with 95% of purity provides an effective care for the entire lifecycle of skin troubles
Pure retinol controls dead skin and roughness while normalizing the skin’s cycle to relieve occasional breakouts, bumpiness and dark blemishes that come from the sudden sensitivity and reveal smooth and healthy skin.

2.innisfree’s Retinol is for all skin types
The formula contains a new retinol ingredient that provides a fast, concrete and low-irritation effect created after dozens of tests and 1067 formulations at innisfree’s high-efficacy naturalism research center, Green Innovation Lab.

3.Sensitive skin irritation index score → 0.0 : a mild retinol ampoule that can be used every day even on sensitive skin and by those who often experience occasional breakouts
Day & night retinol care verified through a 504-hour cumulative skin irritation test, hypoallergenic test, noncomedogenic test on sensitive skin and 6 safety tests.

4.Formula technology boasting 88% skin relief: JEJU CICA LIPSOMLOGYTM
A new type of ingredient developed into a liposome formula containing retinol, centella, ceramide and Jeju green soybean hyaluronic acid that features to less skin irritation for 88% compared to non-liposome retinol products and doesn’t require extra skin adaptation period.

How To Use

Use at the essence step. Dispense an appropriate amount by pumping 1-2 times and gently apply.
*Be sure to apply sunscreen while using the retinol ampoule as it may be irritated by sunlight.
If irritation of the retinol ampoule is felt depending on various external factors and skin condition, use a mild moisturizing cream together.
For sensitive skin, using the retinol ampoule with a physical or chemical peeling product or vitamin C-containing product may cause irritation, so please be careful when using it together.