Karis Myanmar Company Limited

innisfree Madecassoside Red Soothing Cream 1.01 fl.oz /30ml



A hypoallergenic moisturizing cream that contains madecassoside, which has excellent skin soothing effect, and moisturizes the skin that has become temporarily red and sensitive due to external stimulation

-Can be used without worrying about Acne-prone skin

-Moist and moisture without stickiness

-It has an effective ingredient that is good for the skin and takes care of the basics.

-All ingredients EWG green grade

-Skin irritation test completed # Irritation index 0.00


#Acne skin: You can use comfortably to use it by completing the non-comedogenic test.

#Sensitive skin: Those who have skin that is often irritated and sensitive from the outside

#Four seasons: Those who need refreshing moisture soothing care throughout the year

#NoScented taste: Those who wants a clean no scent

Daily skin care

* Take an appropriate amount at the cream stage and gently spread it over the entire face and pat it like a massage to let it absorb.

Special care

* Apply generously to your skin before going to sleep and use it as a sleeping pack.

*The next day, you can feel your skin moist and smooth.