Karis Myanmar Company Limited

innisfree Jeju Volcanic Color Clay Mask [Hydrating]



1. Colorful clay masks with solutions for various skin concerns
– Yellow [Brightening]
– Blue [Hydrating]
– Green [Cica]
– Black [Purifying]

2. #MultiMasking: Address various skin concerns in one go
*Multi-masking: Using two or more masks at once for different facial areas.

# Blue
Jeju volcanic scoria & hyaluronic acid
: Volcanic blue mask provides sebum control and hydrating care at the same time
– Powerful sebum control effect of Jeju volcanic scoria purifies the pores
– This hydrating mask corrects the oil and moisture balance while making the skin clean and non-greasy
– The water gel clay makes the formula thinly-applied and rapidly-dried