Karis Myanmar Company Limited

innisfree Brightening Pore Serum 30ml



A daily serum, formulated with triple vitamin derivatives, Jeju Hallabong peel extract, and hyaluronic acid, delivers powerful brightening, firming, and hydrating benefits.

Brightening + Hydrating + Firming skin around pores!Daily brightening blemish care serum that makes the skin surface smooth and clear Brightening Pore SerumA powerful synergy of 10.1% concentration of triple vitamin derivativesNiacinamide (B3 Helps improve the look of pigmentation and blemishes Ethyl Ascorbyl Ether (C Helps make the skin clear, healthy and bright Panthenol (B5 Soothes and protects the skinHallabong, a fruit known for its rich Vitamin C contentIt contains hallabong peel extracts that make your skin clear and firm, and provides care for skin flaws to brighten up complexion.