Karis Myanmar Company Limited

innisfree Apple Seed Soft Cleansing Foam



Purifying, richly foam cleanser with Apple Seed Oil and Apple Extract to help remove light make-up and impurities for a fresh, healthy-looking complexion.

– A combination of Apple Extract and Apple Seed Oil-infused microbubbles help whisk away both water-based impurities (i.e. sweat, dust, dirt) and light makeup or SPF residue.

– Light and refreshing apple scent

– Improved formula delivers a non-stripping cleanse, with better dissolving power
Apples are an incredibly healthy fruit that provide nutrition to both body and skin.
We studied every part of the apple and found that freshly cold-pressed Apple Seed Oil has abundant unsaturated fatty acids to help nourish skin. Our proprietary Apple Extract is rich in anti-oxidants like Vitamin C and natural alpha hydroxy acids.
A natural astringent, apple can also help large pores appear smaller.